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Welcome to TU Darmstadt

Lucas & Nora
Lucas & Nora

We are Nora Simon and Lucas Stauder, two students at the Department of electrical engineering. You will receive a new mail from us about once every two weeks, giving you information and updates about studying at TU Darmstadt. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by sending an e-mail to .

(Mail-1) Digital Greetings from the Faculty etit of the TU Darmstadt


we are Nora & Lucas and we want to give you a first insight into the studies at the department etit. We are part of the Fachschaft 18 and are both studying at the FB etit and are available to answer your questions regarding your studies in the initial phase. The department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FB etit) is responsible for the study programs “Electrical Engineering and Information Technology” (etit), “Mechatronics” (MEC), “Medical Engineering” (MedTec), “Information Systems Engineering” (iST), “Information and Communication Engineering” (iCE), and “Energy Science and Engineering” (ESE), among others.

In the next few weeks we will send you some more mails regarding your start of studies and the university in general. You receive these mails because of your application at the TU Darmstadt, it does not necessarily mean that your application has been accepted. You can find helpful information about our study programs on the department’s website. Here you will find, among other things, the contacts to the student counselors as well. We, as students, can answer your questions regarding your studies. Of course, we can still give you helpful tips for questions concerning finding accommodation, financing, life in Darmstadt and orientation on campus. This mail and future mails will give some information on these topics as well.

By the way: On this website you can find a central collection for all degree programs with various information regarding the start of studies. Just have a look from time to time! Just remember, you don’t have to understand the whole university from the start. It will get easier over time.If you are not yet familiar with the OSA for the study programme Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Medical Engineering or Mechatronics, please take a moment to do so. Here you will find subject-related tasks based on the content of the first semesters. You can also compare your idea of the degree programme with the impressions of other students in higher semesters. By the way: Since the contents of the first semesters for all degree programmes in the faculty of etit overlap to a great extent, this also applies to you if you are studying information systems technology. All OSAs are written in German.- Electrical Engineering (for all study programs)

If you are looking for accommodation in Darmstadt or the surrounding area, perhaps these links can help you:

Useful information on BAföG and “Wohngeld” can be found on these pages:

By the way: The Fachschaft Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (etit), Fachschaft Mechatronic (MEC) and the Fachschaft Information Systems Engineering (iST) have their own websites, take a look:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this mail and one of us will take care of you. Should the question regard your application status, please directly contact the application team of TU Darmstadt (mail: or if you are coming from a different country)

Many greetings from Darmstadt

Nora & Lucas

(Mail-2) Offers of the University


here again are Nora & Lucas from the Fachschaft This is the second welcome email from us, if you didn’t get the previous email due to your application status, just check it out here. With this mail you will receive some information about the university on site, it does not necessarily mean that your application has been accepted.

The arguably most important chosen mouthpiece of the students of the TU Darmstadt is the AStA (“Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss”). Besides socially and politically relevant topics, they also take care of the semester ticket, the cooperation with “Call a Bike” and free tickets for the Staatstheater. In addition, it provides various advisory and lecture services. Further information about the AStA can be found here:

Generally, there are many social activities at the university outside of one’s studies. At the university sports center you can practice various sports, take courses or just try out different activities (e.g. baseball, soccer, dancing, Quidditch, etc.) at no additional cost. Furthermore, there are many university groups where, for example, music is played together or social activities are organized.

Furthermore, there are the Fachschaften (student councils), which represent the students at the department and in which many engaged students are active. Our goal is to enable all of us to study adequately at our department. The Fachschaften for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (etit), Mechatronics (MEC) and Information Systems Technology (iST) have their own websites, please have a look:

Last but not least, some info from our dean’s office for all of you who will be studying Medical Engineering: Students of the B.Sc. Medical Engineering must provide proof of sufficient vaccination protection against measles. The measles protection is mandatory for all students at the Niederrad Campus. This means that you must provide proof of your measles protection in order to be able to attend courses in attendance. The aim of the law is to improve individual protection against measles and corona, especially for people who regularly come into contact with others in healthcare facilities. Thus, in the medium to long term, the global goal of the WHO is to completely eliminate measles. For more information, please visit the pages of the German Federal Ministry of Health.

That was it again from our side, if you have any questions, you can simply answer this mail, one of us will take care of you. Should the question regard your application status, please directly contact the application team of TU Darmstadt (mail: or if you are coming from a different country)

Many greetings from Darmstadt,

Nora & Lucas

(Mail-3) The City of Darmstadt


here again are Nora & Lucas from the Fachschaft 18. If you didn’t get the previous emails due to your application status, you can read them here website for the orientation days. This mail does not necessarily mean that your application has been accepted at the TU Darmstadt. This mail contains some tips and information about Darmstadt itself.

The center of Darmstadt is the Luisenplatz, from where you can reach the Campus Stadtmitte of the university in a few minutes on foot and are directly in the city center. Right next to the old main building of the university is the Herrngarten, in case you want to relax for a few minutes. At the second campus of the university, which is called Lichtwiese and is located a bit out of town, you will find the Hochschulstadion. Near the Lichtwiese campus there is a small zoo called Vivarium, which is definitely worth a visit. Even though Darmstadt doesn’t have a river, there is the possibility to cool off in the lake Woog on hot days.

Good coffee and refreshments are also available in the Schlossgarten Café, which is run by the AStA. The Schlossgraben is also a great place to relax and worth a visit. In the evenings there are many events in the Schlosskeller or in the 806qm:

To reach all these great places, you can simply use public transportation or the extensive bike rental network called “Call a Bike”.

One last info from us: This year there will be an optional Math pre-course again. So if you have some time before your studies and want to refresh your math skills, you can take part in this course. The registration period starts on 10.09. and ends on 18.09. If you need the enrollment key, please send us a message. Here is a link to more information:

For those of you who have applied for the Informationssystemtechnik degree programme, there is yet another preliminary course: The Department of Computer Science is offering a programming pre-course from 04.10.2022 to 07.10.2022, which provides a brief introduction to programming using Python. The course can be attended on campus or online. More informations and the registration can be found at the link:

We highly recommend taking the preliminary courses. They teach you important basic knowledge that you might not necessarily learn at school. It is also a good opportunity to get to know other students.

That was it again from our side, if you have any questions, you can simply answer this mail, one of us will take care of you. Lastly, we have one more piece of news for you: This year’s orientation week will take place from 09.10.2022 to 13.10.2022. Keep these dates in your calendar - more information will follow in a later email.

Many greetings from Darmstadt Nora & Lucas

P.S.: Please forgive us if we cannot reply to a mail from you within one day. P.P.S.: If you don’t want to receive any more information from us by mail, just write us a short message.

(Mail-4) Meet People, Understand Moodle & TUCaN, and Get Guidance for the First Semester:


Nora & Lucas from the Student Council 18 here again. If you didn’t receive the previous emails due to your application status, simply visit this OWO website. This email does not necessarily mean that your application to TU Darmstadt has been accepted. To make your start in university life easier, there are various offerings in the coming weeks:

  • from September 18, 2023: Mathematics Pre-course
  • October 2 to October 6, 2023: Programming Pre-course (especially for Information Systems Technology, starting at 10:00 AM on Monday)
  • from October 9, 2023: Orientation Week
  • from the second week of lectures: Student mentorING

The Mathematics Pre-course refreshes mathematical skills from school and lays a foundation for the mathematics lecture in the first semester. For the enrollment key for first-semester students of FB 18, please send us an email. More information can be found here:

For those of you studying Information Systems Technology, there is also a Programming Pre-course. You can find more information here:

Highly recommended is the Orientation Week (OWO). Here, you’ll receive information from higher-semester students about starting your studies, the general course of studies, and the entire organization of your courses. You’ll also receive an introduction to the course management system TUCaN, which is the online system for managing exams, modules, courses, and more. During OWO, you’ll have the opportunity to make valuable contacts with other new students. A friendly and engaged circle of friends is invaluable for a successful degree, and OWO is the perfect opportunity to meet such people.

The OWO is organized by volunteers from the Student Council(s). They are also your point of contact for all student-related matters at the department, comparable to the AStA at the university level.

Right after OWO, student mentorING will help you start your studies well and lay an important foundation for your first semesters. With your mentor, you can reflect on your own study behavior, learn suitable study techniques, time management methods, and valuable tips for your studies. MentorING is a mandatory course in the first year, so it’s important to register for it in TUCaN. Only after registering in TUCaN will you be enrolled in the Moodle course (more about Moodle coming up!). Moodle is the central platform for mentorING, and you’ll find all the details there. So, please check the Moodle course in time for the start of lectures to ensure you don’t miss any mandatory dates or similar.

Please remember to activate your TU-ID in due time. You’ll need it to register for various online services at the TU. Most course materials and information can be found on Moodle during the semester. After activating your TU-ID, you can already try registering there. You’ll receive more information about Moodle during OWO.

Take another look at the checklist for starting your studies. Have you completed all the items? In particular, the Athene card (item 4) is important as it’s needed for payments in the cafeteria. Checklist

The semester begins on October 1, 2023, but lectures won’t start until October 16, 2023. This means that apart from the Orientation Week, the Mathematics Pre-course, and the Programming Pre-course for Information Systems Technology students, there will be no events for you before then.

In addition to the last email, here are links to the online “Campus-Navi” and the university maps so you can get an overview of the campus:

That’s all from us for now. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email, and one of us will get back to you.

See you soon, and greetings from Darmstadt! Nora & Lucas

P.S.: Please understand if we can’t respond to your email within a day. P.P.S.: If you no longer want to receive information from us via email, just send us a short message.