To simplify your start into university life and especially to bring some clarity into the whole confusion of information, we have created this Ersti-Todo list for you. We strongly recommend that you work through this list during the first weeks of lectures in order to be best prepared for your start at university.

  • HRZ Account: Activate your HRZ account and email address. Here you enter your matriculation number and a code that was sent to you with your matriculation certificate. If necessary, you should set up an email forwarding to your private email address, as described here. Later changes of the data are possible at any time in the IDM-Portal of the HRZ.

  • Build Schedule: Register in TUCaN for the subjects of the first semester and thus build your timetable. Which subjects you should take in the first semester can be found here. You will learn how TUCaN works during the OWO, otherwise you can find the lectures under “Events” -> “Registration”.

Registration for exercises: You must register online in TUCaN for the exercises.

  • For etit: Math 1, ETiT 1, Logischer Entwurf (LE), and Physics.

  • For MEC: Math 1, ETiT 1 and TM 1.

  • For MedTec: Math 1, ETiT 1, and Physics. (For other MedTec subjects, see Frankfurt!).

  • For iST: Math 1, ETiT 1 and FOP.

  • For some subjects (e.g. Math), the allocation of groups is done via Moodle.

  • Registration Mentoring: Enroll in the mentoring course in TUCaN no later than the end of orientation week. Please note that there are additional steps to complete in the mentoring course (in Moodle) no later than the first week of lectures. In TUCaN you also have to register for the exam in order to receive CP credit (even if there is actually no exam).

  • Athene Card: The Athene card can be obtained at the circulation desk in the ULB Stadtmitte.

The following items are also important, but do not necessarily need to be done in the first few days yet:

Have we forgotten an important todo point? In this case, please email us at and we will add the item accordingly!