The most important places at the university

Although the university has many different locations in the city, only two campuses are really relevant. This is once the campus Stadtmitte, probably the most important campus for you. Not only the administration is located here, but also most of the departments, including the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. In addition to various learning centers, the institutes and lecture halls, the student council is also located here.
Nevertheless, it is possible that you will have to go to the Lichtwiese campus more often during your first semesters, especially as a mechatronics student. Here you will find more lecture halls and, among others, the Department of Mechanical Engineering as well as the Department of Chemistry1. Right next door is the Hochschulstadium, including the university sports center, outdoor pool and several gymnasiums.

For the medical technology students among you, however, a third campus is also relevant, because the events of the medical modules are held directly at the University of Frankfurt. The campus Niederrad is located opposite the main train station on the south bank of the Main River in Frankfurt.
In the following list you will find the most important locations for the three campuses briefly explained. More detailed maps and explanations for all TU buildings can be found at

For each campus we have created an abstract map with the most important locations, which are also explained in more detail below. Of course, we have also linked more detailed maps.

Campus City Center

The complete map of the Campus Stadtmitte can be found here (PDF).

  1. [A] Darmstadtium The Darmstadtium is not part of the university, but a congress center. Interesting fairs are held here from time to time, for example hobit or konaktiva. The rather striking building (large, glassy and angular) can serve as an orientation aid. In addition, corona-related exams were written here more often, they just have a lot of space there.

  2. [B] Karolinenplatz This square is located directly in front of the administration building and the Karo5. Adjacent is the State Archives and the State Museum. The square is often used for demos and other large events such as the Schlossgrabenfest or Heinerfest.

  3. [C] Herrngarten The Herrngarten is the largest park in the city center. Located directly at the campus, it is ideal if you need some peace and quiet between lectures.
    Towards the north there is a sports field with basketball courts and other sports areas.
    A visit to the adjacent Prince George Garden is worthwhile in the spring, as there are many different plants sprouting here. Note that it is called Herrngarten, NOT Herrengarten!

  4. [D] Kantplatz The Kantplatz can often serve as an orientation. Here, depending on the direction, you can continue on to the Math Building, the old Main Building, Herrngarten and Piloty Building, toward various nearby pubs, or back to the Learning Center. The clever ones will notice that there is also a monument of the name giver here.

University Buildings

  1. Castle The castle is one of the oldest and also the highest building in the city center of Darmstadt. In former times the library was also located here. Currently, the castle is being renovated and should be available again in the next few years. In addition, the beer garden Schlossgarten and the party cellar Schlosskeller can be found here. These are run by students and are priced very fairly as a result.

  2. Hexagon (S3|11) Actually, the Hexagon is THE lecture hall of FB18 with the largest capacity, with other smaller lecture halls directly below the main hall.

  3. Riegel/Dolivo-Building (S3|10) In this building you will find a few institutes as well as:

    • Internship rooms Normally, the [ETiT 1 internship]({< ref “hsq/02_das_study/the_expect_you_in_the_first_semester# internship-etit-i” >}}) takes place here in the first two semesters. In this, the learned basic knowledge is practically applied according to the modular principle.

    • Learning Center Most of the rooms on the second floor are dedicated to the learning center. Here you can study late into the evening on weekdays, discuss things and ask extra dedicated HiWis questions during normal working hours if you get stuck. Coffee is also available here!

    • Fachschaft Also on the second floor are the rooms of the departments of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mechatronics and Information Systems Technology. You can always drop by here if you have any questions about your studies. And if you remembered, you can also buy cold drinks and sweets here at a special price.

  4. Cube (S3|21) This is the Service Center, which is your contact point for all formal questions regarding your studies, such as exams and registrations. At office hours a ticket system is used, which should structure the waiting times a bit.

  5. High Voltage Hall (S3|08) In the High Voltage Hall there are large experimental facilities from the field of high voltage technology. This is where the barbecue usually takes place during orientation week. Since the high-voltage hall is also getting a bit long in the tooth, it is currently being demolished to make way for a new building.

6th HBI (S3|06) The HBI, or Hans Busch Institute, is another large building in the department that houses lecture halls and institutes. It is also home to, among other things:

- **PC-Pool Registration** An unspectacular, small, gray mailbox.
    Here you have to put the registration for the PC-Pool of the department.
    You need it if you want to use the PCs of the department.
    The [registration form can be found on the department website](

- **KSC** The [Kittler Student Center]( offers a variety of services in addition to modern study spaces.
    A large selection of electrical engineering textbooks is available for use on site.
    You can also print and bind scripts, purchase lab books, or take advantage of free lecture training.
    The staff at the counter will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

- **Racetrack** If you think that the university has a go-kart track, you will be disappointed.
    On the racetrack you will find some study places in a rather relaxed, but not so quiet atmosphere.
    The racetrack is located above the entrance area of the HBI on a gallery.
  1. Karo5 (S1|01) The Karo5 is the main building of the TU Darmstadt. Karo5 gets its name from the address “Karolinenplatz 5”. At the entrance you can find the TUShop.
    There you can buy more or less useful merchandise. There is also an ATM and a counter of the student advisory service. Also located here:

    • Audimax The largest lecture hall of the university in the city center. Especially in the first semesters, lectures are held here more often. Tuesday and Thursday evenings the Filmkreis takes place here. In the film circle you can watch current and classic movies for little money. The program is posted on the bulletin board in front of the Audimax or can be found on the Film Circle page.

    • 20° In the Fahrradwerkstatt 20° you can repair your bike for free. Extensive tools can be borrowed. The employees are happy to give tips, but you have to do the repair yourself.

  2. 806sqm (S1|22) The 806sqm got its name from the usable area inside. The 221sqm café can be found on the first floor. Very good coffee can be purchased here for little money. In addition, a large amount of comfortable seating can be found here. In the basement, the 585sqm party cellar was established, which is used for events.

  3. Mensa (S1|11) The Mensa is open weekdays from 11:00 - 14:15. There is a changing selection of dishes every day, one of which is always vegan. Next door is the Bistro, where snacks, coffee or baked goods can be purchased. The bistro is open weekdays from 8:00 - 16:00 (Fridays only until 15:00).

  4. Learning Center Math (S1|08) The LZM offers some learning places. In addition, on weekdays there is a math HiWi who can answer your questions about math exercises and lectures.

  5. ULB (S1|20) The ULB, or University and State Library, offers many quiet study spaces and a large selection of sometimes current subject and other books. Individual study rooms can be reserved at the counter or through the website. However, these rooms are always spoken for very quickly. The offer is free of charge, but the places are limited. Please be quiet!

12 Old Main Building (S1|03) The old main building contains miscellaneous items. It is quite easy to get lost here or to search for rooms forever. Take enough time if you need to get into a room you haven’t been in before. Some of the upper floors are also only half-floors, which are not accessible by all stairs. In addition to lecture halls and seminar rooms, you will also find:

- [**Language Center**]( A variety of language courses are offered by the SPZ.

- [**AStA**]( The General Student Committee is the central student representation of the university.
    Various services are available here, from book and drive accounts to legal advice.

- [**HRZ**]( The University Computer Center offers a PC pool and a helpdesk where you can go with questions about TUCaN or your computer problems.
  1. Maschinenhaus (S1|05) One of the most beautiful lecture halls on campus, at least it has windows! The building was renovated only a few years ago and currently the graduation ceremonies of our department take place here.

  2. Mathebau (S2|15) The department of mathematics is located here, sometimes office hours are held there.

  3. Hochschulgruppenhaus (S2|03) Many university groups have an office or storage rooms here. If you want to get more information, you can find more information about university groups on the website of TU Darmstadt.

  4. Lernzentrum Physik (S2|04) The learning center is located directly opposite the university group house in the basement. The learning center can also be accessed on weekends using the Athene map.

  5. Piloty (S2|02) The Robert Piloty Building houses the Computer Science Department. In the second semester, the exercises of the course “General Computer Science I” will take place here in the PC-Pool. (Depending on the Corona situation, possibly also online.) On the second floor there is a small bistro and more study places.

  6. Lecture Hall Physics (S2|06) Who would have thought it, here often the lectures of physics take place.

Campus Lichtwiese

You can find the complete map of the Lichtwiese campus here (PDF).

There are not many relevant places at the Lichtwiese for you, but the most important ones are listed below:

  1. HMZ (L4|02) The Lecture Hall and Media Center houses the largest lecture hall of the university, a bistro and the library of the Lichtwiese. Mechatronics students have here among others Technical Mechanics 1-3 with the mechanical engineering students.

  2. Mensa (L4|01) Like the Mensa at the city center. Only at the Lichtwiese. There is also a bistro here, just like the Biergarten Lichtwies’n.

  3. Maschinenbau Haupthaus (L1|01) Most of the institutes of mechanical engineering can be found here.

  4. Temporary Lecture Hall Tent (L1|15) The Temporary Lecture Hall Tent has been dismantled in the meantime due to the lectures not taking place. So you don’t have to enjoy the dubious pleasure of attending a lecture in a beer tent anymore.

Campus Niederrad (Frankfurt)

The complete map of the Niederrad Campus (Frankfurt) can be found here (PDF).

  1. House No. 20 Here you will find a café and internship rooms.

  2. House No. 22 Many of the lectures will take place in this building.

  3. House No. 23 This is the main building of the hospital. You do not need to know or walk through most of the main building, but approximately where the number is located is another important lecture hall.

  4. Mensa (building #11B) As in the center of town. Or at the Lichtwiese. Only in Frankfurt.

  5. Medical Main Library (House No. 10) For all the books you cannot find in the ULB. Here you will also find a vending machine for validating your GoetheCard.

  6. House No. 14 At the top you will find another lecture hall. It is better to take the side entrance in the north and not the main entrance, then it will be faster.

7 House No. 28 The microscopy lab is located in this building.

  1. House No. 10A The computer rooms are located here in the basement. This is where the medical exams are written.

Official directions

From the main train station, take lines 12 or 21; from the southern train station, take line 15. The most convenient stops are Universitätsklinikum (main entrance) and Heinrich-Hoffmann Straße.

Alternative directions from us

From Darmstadt main station, take the regional train to Frankfurt main station. From here, take streetcar 21 to the Vogelweidstraße or Universitätsklinikum stop. When you get off at the Vogelweidstraße stop, you have the option to walk three minutes to the entrance at the east end (building 9 on the detailed map). Alternatively, you can take the streetcar to the next stop, Universitätsklinikum. Now you get off more centrally and can reach buildings further away more quickly.

Alternative departure tips from us

Here you can take the streetcar 21 again and return the same way, or you can take the streetcar 12, which will take you to the opposite side of the main station. From there you can walk underground into the station and take the regional train back to Darmstadt.

  1. As well as the Institute of Material Sciences, which is now well known from the media. ↩︎