Learn! Where?

Learning at the faculty

Studying means learning. In contrast to school, however, learning at the university does not take place primarily through instruction (lecture), but through “self-study”. First of all, it should be said that self-study does not always mean “working alone”. Learning with fellow students and friends is not only much more motivating, it also makes it easier to understand complicated topics together, which can arise from time to time in electrical engineering studies. Of course, learning together is easier in the presence of others, but a digital learning group is also highly recommended.

The Forum

The student council also offers a forum for all students of FB 18 at https://forum.fs-etit.de/. Here you can find threads for discussion, materials and questions about many subjects. Be it formularies, old exams, field reports or past grade reports, you can find some useful information in the FB18 forum. There is also a HiWi (student from a higher semester) who answers questions about all basic subjects. A registration at the forum is possible with your student email address.

Learning at the university

At the department

The Electrical Engineering Learning Center is located on the 1st floor of building S3|10. Here there are several larger and smaller learning rooms where you can study from 07:00 to 23:00. In room 121 there is a HiWi from 10:00 to 18:00 who can answer questions about the basic subjects of the first four semesters. You will usually find him or her at a desk of his or her own. So if you have questions about the lecture material or the exercises and there is no office hour for the subject, you can get answers to your questions quickly. In addition, exam protocols can be viewed and copied at the HiWis. There is also a large number of textbooks in room 121 for almost all basic subjects.

In addition to the ET Learning Center, the Racetrack in the Hans-Busch-Institute (HBI, S3|06) is at your disposal. Here you will find 28 open workstations in an oval gallery - hence the name - which can be used for group work.

The Kittler Student Center (KSC) is also located in the Hans-Busch-Institut (HBI, S3|06). Here you will find 82 silent workstations, spread over two floors, as well as a copier and a lot of books, which are relevant for the studies in the first semesters. To help you find your way around, there is a service team that will help you find books, for example.


The ULB building is located directly in the university city center between the refectory and the old main building. In addition to the possibility of borrowing textbooks and reference books, there are still a total of 850 learning spaces available there. In addition to quiet study spaces in the atrium, there are also several group and individual study rooms, which you must book in advance. Please keep in mind that these individual rooms are in high demand, so you should ask early enough. It is great that the ULB is open from January to March and from June to August. The rest of the year the ULB is open from 8:00 to 1:00.

Furthermore, you can buy snacks, drinks and hot food in the bistro in the basement even late at night and on weekends. From personal experience, you should take a sweater with you in the summer, as the ULB is very cooled!

The Lecture Hall and Media Center is located at the Lichtwiese. In addition to numerous seminar and study rooms, it houses a branch of the ULB. Here you also have the possibility to work from 08:00 to 22:00 at still learning places.

Diagonally opposite the Piloty building is the Physics Learning Center. If you haven’t found a spot in our department’s learning centers again, try there. There are many places and a good density of sockets.

In building S1|08 you will find the Learning Center Mathematics (LZM). Here you will find numerous old exams and exercises (unfortunately without sample solutions) as well as a HiWi who is available for questions and problems.