Culinary adventure in the cafeteria

Lunch is also available on campus, of course. Both in the city center and at Lichtwiese you can get something hot to eat at lunchtime at the Mensa. Here, not only meat-based food is offered, but also a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as desserts, side dishes and salads.
You can only pay cashless with the Athene card, which you can load with cash or EC card at the vending machine in the foyer of the Mensa. Another vending machine is located in the entrance area of the ULB.

Currently, the remaining leftovers are sold for half price during the last quarter of an hour (14:15-14:30) under the campaign Too good for the bin. Of course, this is only valid while stocks last.

Since the Mensa is subsidized, the prices are often much lower than ordering the same meal in a restaurant.

Similar to TUCaN and Moodle there is also an app for the darmstadt Mensa, which can be downloaded here for Android and here for iOS. There you will also find the currently offered dishes. You can rate the food directly in the app after eating it - how cool is that?.

The Mensa Stadtmitte is divided into 3 areas: Marktrestaurant on the upper floor (pasta, wok and pizza), Otto B. (changing cuisine) and the Bistro (rolls, salads, cakes and various main courses), which offer daily changing dishes. Next to the Mensa in the city center there is another one at the Lichtwiese, which offers similar dishes, is built according to a similar concept and still has a beer garden.


If you don’t like what the Mensa has to offer, there are of course a few alternatives.

On Landgraf-Georg-Straße, directly across from the Hexagon, there are several kebab restaurants (with student discount). Near Alexanderstraße (H-Bus stop TU-Darmstadt - Alexanderstraße) there is also a self-service bakery and a Rewe. If you are not afraid of walking, you will find a few more options in the city center. Near Luisenplatz, for example, there is a snack bar (Best Worscht in Town), which offers curry sausage in various degrees of spiciness. For the pizza lovers:in there is the Hobbit, which offers good prices for good food at lunchtime.

We wish you a good appetite!