Language courses at the TU

Foreign languages are an important topic, not least when looking for a job. Almost everywhere, future employees are required to be able to express themselves in spoken and written English. From the fourth or fifth semester at the latest, lectures are also held in English. Mastering additional foreign languages demonstrates a willingness to learn and can also improve your chances of getting certain jobs.

Even outside the job market, it can be an advantage to improve one’s language skills. While you are still studying, opportunities may arise to complete internships abroad or semesters abroad at partner universities. You have the opportunity to get a taste of a new language during your studies - where else can you learn another language without much effort and for free?!

The Language Center of the TU Darmstadt offers a variety of language courses. For many language courses it is obligatory to take a placement test beforehand, so that you can be assigned to a course that corresponds to your current level. The level of the courses is sorted according to the so-called UNICERT standard. The levels go from 1 to a maximum of 4.

In some languages, after completing a certain number of courses, you can also take a UNICERT exam of the corresponding level. This very comprehensive test is a very common and recognized proof of your language skills at universities.

Another option is self-directed learning. Here you do not take a classic language course, but learn a language on your own initiative. At the end there is also an examination and thus a grade. For this purpose, individual introductory events are held for each language group in the second week of the semester (see TUCaN).

Language Center TU Darmstadt. study office in room S1|03-17


You can also find the courses in the normal course catalog in TUCaN under the item Language Center. When you register, you will find this item under Studium Generale.