International Students

Of course, the TU Darmstadt does not only welcome German students in the first semester, many first-year students come to the TU from countries all over the world. For all international students, we would like to collect some information here.

Tutor International

Within the TU there is a project dedicated to international students: Tutor International.
The small team supports international students in finding their way through their studies, organizes German courses and enables networking with other international students at the TU. We would like to especially recommend Tutor International to all students who have just arrived in Germany for their studies!

Study Language

The Bachelor’s program in Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics and Medical Engineering is held to a very large extent in German. If you would like to improve your German skills, you can take a German course at the Language Center “Sprachzentrum” in addition to the courses offered by Tutor International. Foreign students have a higher probability to receive a place in a course.
In contrast to the Bachelor’s studies, the Master’s program offers most courses in English. The “Sprachzentrum” also offers courses to improve English skills.

Finally, we would like to suggest that you can always contact the Fachschaft in English if you feel more comfortable in this language.

We are also looking forward to knowing if you have further tips and recommendations for international students! Feel free to send us an e-mail to !