The previous section dealt with the literature of the first semester. But how do students get access to the library’s electronic books?

Some of the electronic resources for books, articles and journals can only be accessed from the university’s protected network. However, there is a way to connect to the network from home: The so-called VPN (Virtual Private Network).

You can set this up on your devices such as computers, tablets and/or mobile phones according to the HRZ instructions and log in with your TU-ID.

Within the configuration you have the option to select one of two profiles:

  • External: With this profile, only the traffic that would end up in the internal TU network anyway is routed through the VPN.
  • Campus: With this profile, all your traffic is routed through the TU network, so you access the entire internet as if you were at the university. You should use this profile for books and articles.

If you are connected to the VPN or in the university buildings, you can access the electronic books of the library or, for example, from Springer Link and download and read most books for free.