Autonomous tutorials

“It is the idea that studying at the university not only opens up better economic and social opportunities, not only promises a career, but also offers the opportunity for a richer development of human abilities, for an appropriate fulfillment of one’s own destiny.”
- Max Horkheimer

An autonomous tutorial is a tutorial by students for students, apart from the prescribed teaching activities. Scientific topics from all subject areas can be treated. Autonomous tutorials offer the opportunity to pursue scientific inclinations in an informal way and to deepen them together. And without the guidance of lecturers and away from Bologna constraints. For this purpose, the AStA would like to create a space in which interested students can meet who would otherwise not have come together in the anonymous everyday student life.

An autonomous tutorial thrives on the co-creation and cooperation of all participants. Here the “tutors” are not lecturers. After all, it should be about working together on a scientific topic and enriching each other.

The Autonomous Tutorials would like to continue to open up spaces to promote a different way of studying in addition to the condensed curricula. For this purpose, the AStA offers you again this semester a varied offer. All events are open to students of all departments. The tutorials are not bound to courses.

The project is supported by your General Student Committee (AStA). The design of the tutorials, on the other hand, is the responsibility of the students who offer one and the students who participate in it. The AStA acts as coordinator:in and stays out of all content-related matters.

Further information and the current offer of autonomous tutorials can be found at