Living in Darmstadt

First of all, two important points about finding an apartment in Darmstadt. Probably the easiest way to find a room is to ask friends, acquaintances or relatives and the earlier you start looking, the better. In Darmstadt there are several possibilities to find a room.

The Studierendenwerk Darmstadt runs several dormitories. You can apply for these online via a waiting list.

In addition, there are other privately run dormitories. Most assign rooms through waiting lists, although some have self-occupancy.

There are also a number of online portals through which private WG rooms are arranged. Here, rooms are often offered for interim rent, for example, due to a semester abroad of the tenants. If you don’t find anything suitable, a room for interim rent can be a good temporary solution, so that you can then look for a permanent place to stay.

You will also come across the offers of various fraternities. These are usually quite cheap and not always directly marked as an apartment in a fraternity or sorority. For cost reasons, these rooms may be worth considering, but the decision should still be well thought out (see paragraph: Living with Fraternities). You can find a directory of residence halls on the Studierendenwerk website at Here, all rooms are assigned by waiting list.
Apply online at and you will be informed as soon as a room is available. As a rule, you will have ten days from this point to accept before the offer expires and the room is passed on.

Private dormitories

There are also other privately run dormitories. Most allocate rooms via waiting lists, although some also have self-occupancy. Just take a look at the different providers and find out for yourself.

Many flat shares offer free rooms on online portals. Anyone can offer a room here or submit a request, so you will find a wide variety of offers here. Rarely you will also find offers for one- or multi-room apartments.


Another possibility to find accommodation in Darmstadt are the various student fraternities. They offer their members affordable housing. Some of them are intensively recruiting new members, especially among first-year students.
However, one should find out about a connection before joining, especially about their political and moral values, since the spectrum ranges from modern and apolitical to ethnic-national or conservative connections. Also, not everyone has the opportunity to enter every connection; so take e.g. For example, some fraternities and corps only accept people of a certain gender or nation.