Selection of nice places in Darmstadt

We have summarized here some places where you can enjoy the sun alone or with small groups.


The garden is laid out in a classical style and seems a bit sterile in parts. Nevertheless, it is an oasis of peace in Darmstadt, where you can relax wonderfully. Many shady spots with park benches and enough green spaces invite you to sunbathe. For those interested in classical music, concerts are occasionally held in the Orangerie building. The Orangerie is easily reached by streetcar line 3 in the direction of Lichtenbergschule (Orangerie stop).


The Herrngarten is located directly behind the Audimax of the university. Because of the proximity to the university, it is a great place to study, relax between lectures or play badminton and soccer. Park benches are a bit scarce, but finally there is more than enough meadow. If there is a party here after a lecture, it is absolutely necessary to dispose of the garbage yourself (it is best not to clog the public garbage cans), otherwise there will be trouble with the public order office. Here you will also find the Café im Herrngarten.


The Mathildenhöhe is located at the Hochzeitsturm, also called Fünffingerturm. You can regularly find people playing boules here and after sunset it’s a great place to party and chill.


If you leave the hill from Mathildenhöhe in the direction of the city center (or simply take buses 672 or 674 from the Hans Busch Institute to Ostbahnhof), you will find Rosenhöhe Park on the outskirts of the city. Here you can stroll, admire the roses in the Rosarium or simply enjoy the peace and quiet under the large old trees on the edge of the grand ducal tombs. Families on Sunday outings are often drawn to the park. Behind Rosenhöhe there are extensive fields and a large forest, ideal for jogging.


In the north of Darmstadt, in the immediate vicinity of the Nordbad and the ice rink, is the Bürgerpark. With its green spaces and sports facilities, it invites you to do sports and relax. Whether you are a basketball, soccer or skateboarding fan - everyone will get their money’s worth here.

Big Woog

The Woog is a quite large bathing lake not far from the Hans-Busch-Institute. Especially here you can spend a nice Sunday, as long as you don’t mind children playing. Woog and Darmstadt simply belong together.

Prince of Hesse Pit

Not far from Darmstadt, between Darmstadt and Messel, lies the Grube Prinz von Hessen. It is, as the name might suggest, also a beautiful swimming lake, located in the middle of the forest. There is always a lot going on here, seeing and being seen. The seeing, by the way, is enhanced by the fact that the whole thing is mixed nudist area. (But you don’t have to if you don’t want to). The only drawback are the sanitary facilities (porta-potties).


Darmstadt offers besides beautiful greenery, the pubs and the daily university visit also other possibilities for leisure activities. It is worth mentioning that all students can visit the Staatstheater for free. Tickets are available at the earliest three days before and only as long as seats are available at the theater box office and online. For this you need a voucher code, which you can get at the AStA via a form or directly at the Staatstheater by showing your student ID.
Furthermore, the Filmkreis shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Audimax old cult films, short films and current films that were shown in the cinema a few months ago. Admission is 2.5€ and you can bring whatever food or drink you feel like to the Audimax. Other screenings of the film circle take place on Wednesdays in the Rex cinema.

In addition to various opportunities to play sports, there are a variety of university groups for those interested, such as radioing, debating, or building electric cars in their free time.