Personal development through study

First semester

##06:00* Alarm clock rattles. Immediately jumped out of bed. 06:15 Jogging in Herrngarten, almost collision with stick drunk. Take a shower. 07:00 Solved the math exercise at breakfast. Could be a few more tasks. 07:55 Ran to the Hexagon. Reached lecture hall. Bad luck. First row already occupied. Crushed. Decided to get up earlier tomorrow. 08:00 Lecture. No discipline: some students read the newspaper, talk to the neighbor or test the aerodynamic properties of paper. Everything is written down. Battery of notebook empty.
10:00 Second lecture. Neighbor:in leaves the room with remark. I apologized for him to Professor:in. 11:30 Lunch. Started to work out lecture. Found out: Students are inconsiderate. Need three seats for my work. 12:30 Went to library. Frustration. Of the 16 books I urgently needed, only four were there.
13:15 Been in the student council. Physics script still not ready. Wanted to complain to the person in charge, there is no such thing. This is the end of the world!
14:00 Exercise. Afterwards the tutor:in explained about his:her mistakes.
15:45 Older semester students have no idea at all. 16:00 Established personal study plan: Four semesters are enough.
16:30 Volleyball practice. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.. 19:00 Dinner. Lecture fully worked out. Will submit it to Professor:in tomorrow as a suggestion for improvement.
23:55 Work completely done. Realized: 24-hour day is too short, will make better use of the night soon.

Fifth semester

03:00 Kicked out of the crown. Will stop by the Hercules again.
#06:15* Almost collided with fucking jogger.
06:30 After a long night and nine beers finally in bed.
11:30 Roommate turns up the music full blast. Way too early, but no more sleeping anyway.
11:32 Right big toe checks room temperature.
11:52 Don’t come out. Right wall, left cold.
12:10 Bastard defeated. Picked up. Cup of coffee and small pizza leftover for breakfast.
13:57 Made it to the university just in time before Mensa closes. Had to wait ten minutes for my noodles. 14:28 Been in the student council - for ten minutes. Nothing going on today.
14:38 Searched learning center for foosball players. 15:37 Played skat, lost five euros. 20:58 Shopping. Could persuade the store manager to let me in.
23:00 Date with Marion, studies biology. 04:20 Home really early today. 18 Euro 70 spent. Was a successful day.