Hello dear freshmen!

If you are visiting this website, you are probably one of the first semester students who are starting their studies in electrical engineering, mechatronics or medical engineering this semester. First of all, welcome; it’s good to have you here!

For many of you, this is probably also the beginning of a new phase in your lives. We have created this website to support you in this process and perhaps to answer some initial questions directly.

In addition to the basics of studying at the TU, you will also find more detailed information about life at the university, student participation and financing your studies. A few sections are of course also dedicated to various leisure activities, because that must not be missing!

The TU generally offers a wide range of leisure and sports activities. Among other things, you can make music, tinker with racing cars, or try out all kinds of sports (even exotic ones like Quidditch). If you want to get involved in university politics, please contact the student council. There is something for everyone to do and you can use your skills to improve everyday life at the university.

Probably the most beautiful thing about studying is at the same time for many the biggest challenge; the freedom. You have to decide for yourself which modules to register for, when to take which exams, and what you want to take from the elective and specialization catalogs. You have to take responsibility for your studies and for many of you who have just moved out of home, also in your private life. This may be a bit overwhelming, especially at the beginning, but remember, your fellow students will feel the same way and the student council and various contact points are there to support you.

It should be clear to you that this course of study will not be the easiest, especially the first few semesters, which are still quite theoretical, are challenging. But we all had to go through that! After the basics, you can concentrate on your interests and still get some variety by taking language courses and subjects from other departments.

Use this time to find out what your personal interests are and what direction you want to take. If you take this study seriously from the beginning, listen to the lectures, do exercises and get actively involved, nothing will stand in the way of graduation!

We wish you a lot of fun and even more success!

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